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An extra long telephone line cable for corded and cordless phones.

Phone cable supplied with your phone too short?
This replacement line cable is available in longer lengths than the ones supplied with most brands of cordless and corded phones. This saves you having to use a bulky and sometimes unreliable extension cable.
Available in lengths between 3 and 10 metres in black or white. (Price shown is for a 3m cable.)

There is not a standard wiring configuration for these cables so we offer three different versions that cover most of the models we have come across.
We have provided pictures of the RJ11 connector end that plugs into the phone of the cables it will replace.
Please compare your cable to the pictures if at all possible to obtain the correct one.
We also ask for the phone model to help us cross reference your requirements, but this is not a guarantee as we don't know the wiring for every phone on the market.
Cables are made in house to order, so if you have a specific requirement please ask.
The cable you receive may have more pins connected than your original one, but the additional connections won't be used by your device.

Type 1
Some older BT phones use a crossed cable with a different wiring configuration in the RJ11 connector (the end that plugs into the phone) to other manufacturers.
It normally has two wires connected in the outer two of the 4 pins of the RJ11 plug that goes into the phone.
There is sometimes a third wire used for the ring signal which this cable also incorporates if required but is not normally used for cordless phones.

Type 2
Most other manufacturers normally use the US wiring of the two centre pins of the RJ11 connector which has the wires crossed.
BT phones have also moved over to this configuration in the last 4 years.
Manufacturers who use this type of cable for their phones include BT (later models), Binatone,iDect., Panasonic and Gigaset.
This type of cable is also used for some of the older BT Freestyle and Verve and some of the latest 1000,2000,4000,4500,6500,7600,8500,8600 series cordless models.

Type 3
This configuation uses 4 wires which are crossed over and is specific to some of the BT Converse phones and proprietary systems.